HDC Starting program

The HDC Starting program is designed for all players who want to know their hockey strengths and weaknesses perfectly. In fact, the program includes a special video analysis of skating technique, which allows us to evaluate the level of skating technique of the player based on key positions – in which stages of skating should improve or how to coordinate his movement properly.

HDC Skating program

Designed for hockey players of all ages. Focused on improving skating techniques – focused on the stride and slide.

HDC Functional program

In this program, we deal with compensatory and strengthening exercises that correct and compensate for restrictions from unilateral loading.

HDC Strength program

For all players who want to develop a deep stabilization system (core), explosiveness, rebound force, muscle elasticity and dynamic strength.

HDC Amateur hobby program

For all who want to learn the basics of skating, or improve their current skating performance and individual game activities (shooting, passing, leading the puck and toe drags).

HDC Return of players after injury

The program is intended for players of various ages who need to acquire the optimal technical, tactical and fitness readiness needed to return to the match process after an injury.