Program contains:

  • 10 training units on the skate mill
  • Training process evaluation and recomendations

Who is the program for?

The HDC Skating program is designed for players who want to continually improve their hockey skills. This program is a continuation of the HDC Start program or HDC Diagnostic-training program and is focused mainly on improving skating techniques – specifically skating stride and slide. During training sessions particular attention is paid to eliminating drawbacks such as: the support and stability of the support leg, the impact of the reflective leg or the reduction of the inner angle in the knee during skating.

Program description

It includes 10 training units on the skatemill, where advanced exercises are used to improve the player’s technical skills: stickhandling, individual gaming skills (passing, shooting, drills), peripheral vision, conditioning.

HDC Czech Republic also uses unique technologies and equipment to increase the effectiveness of the training process and to improve skating techniques:

  • Instructor – a software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay – software program and camera system for instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – Improves shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – software to improve shooting accuracy
  • Laser System – laser aid for learning the right skating stride