Program content:

  • 10x compensation and strength program in the fitness zone
  • Results, closing recomendations

Who is the program for?

HDC Functional program is designed for athletes and hockey players of all ages and performance categories

Program description

The one-sided load that the hockey player endures during training or match causes constraints in individual basic movements, shortens individual muscle parts, other muscles weaken due to weak activation, resulting in poor player movement and later injury. In this program, we deal with compensatory and strength exercises that correct and compensate for these limitations. Corrective training occurs by re-activating the neglected muscles, stretching the shortened muscles , which results in a change in the tension ratio in all muscles and the player feels a significant relaxed muscles. At the same time, we are strengthening the deep stabilization system, which is responsible for the stability of the spine and pelvis in neutral positions. The content focus of the HDC Functional program is to train movements, not muscles, with exercises focused on overall player functionality . The goal is for hockey players to become athletes who perfectly control their body.