Program content:

  • 10 training units in the shooting zone

Who is the program for?

HDC Shooting program is designed for players who want to constantly improve their hockey skills. This program is seamlessly linked to the Start or Skating programs and is aimed primarily at improving the technique, accuracy and speed of fire

Program description

In a classic training unit, a professional player fires roughly 35 to 50 times . Youth players only about 20 times . There is no time or space to practice shooting in trainings, and this is one of the most important activities. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a lot of shooting outside the ice. Hockey shooting is a technically very demanding activity, mainly because it is necessary to combine many different movement components and habits into one harmonious whole. She needs to be trained throughout her career.

It contains 10 training units on the treadmill, where additional exercises are used to improve individual gaming activities, 5 training units in the shooting zone and 5 training units in the specialized hockey gym zone focused on a quality strength program, technique of individual exercises and increasing specific fitness or remove player unwanted bad habits.

As part of our shooting program, we focus on practicing the following shooting skills:

Forehand shooting:
wrist-shot (short, long)

Backhand shooting:

Other shooting techniques:
shooting after pass
shooting from different positions

We will focus on the key factors affecting the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of shooting:
• shooting technique
• conditioning
• tactical readiness
• psychological resistance

Unique technologies and devices are also used to increase the effectiveness of the training process and improve the shooting technique during the HDC Shooting Training Units & nbsp; :

  • Instructor – software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay – software program and camera system providing instant video feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – improves shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – software to improve shooting accuracy
  • Laser System – laser aid for teaching proper skating reflection
  • WINMILL – automatic puck passer with adjustable direction and speed