Who is the program for?

The program is designed for players of different ages who need to improve basic hockey skills using ice training, training on the skatemill and off-ice training; the program is tageted at skating, shooting or stickhandling according to the goal set before the start of the program; the program uses a combination of 3 training environments and includes exercises aimed at stabilizing or improving the skating, shooting and stickhandling technique and supporting off-ice exercises to stabilize the skating, shooting or stichandling technique; during the program, the evaluation – plan – implementation – evaluation procedure is applied.



  • 1x Skating Analysis input
  • 1x presentation of results
  • 10x training on the skatemill
  • 10x off-ice training
  • 5x training on the ice
  • 1x Skating Analysis output
  • 1x presentation of results



After the end of the program, a consultation with the players will be carried out, based on the input and output evaluation, the players will be presented with their strengths and areas for improvement and then they will be presented with the opportunity to create another training plan.