Program contains:

  • 6 trainings on skatemill
  • 1 biomechanical analysis of skating technique
  • 1 testing of condition & coordination skills
  • results, evaluation and recomendation

Who is the program for?

The HDC Starting program is designed for all players who want to know their hockey strengths and weaknesses perfectly. In fact, the program includes a special video analysis of skating technique, which allows us to evaluate the level of skating technique of the player based on key positions – in which stages of skating should improve or how to coordinate his movement properly.

Program description

During the following training sessions on the hockey simulator, players will show how to work on the deficiencies found to improve their skating technique and individual gaming activities (puck management, shooting, passing and looping).

Part of the HDC Startin program is the general dryland diagnostics of the player, in which we assess his prerequisites for sporting performance, and then, during training sessions in the specialized gym, we work on the identified deficiencies and the correct exercise technique to progress effectively.

During the HDC Startup Training Units, unique technologies and devices are used to increase the efficiency of the training process and improve the skating technique:

  • Instructor – a software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay – software program and camera system for instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – Improves shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – software to improve shooting accuracy
  • Laser System – laser aid for learning the right skating reflection