Who is the program for?

The HDC Strength program is designed for all players who want to do something extra for their hockey growth.

The program includes:

  • 10x fitness training units
  • Otput, final evaluation

Program description

During the 10 training units we are dedicated to improve the player’s strengths, especially in the area of  deep stabilization system (core), explosiveness, rebound force, muscle elasticity and dynamic strength.

In younger players, it is in turn perfecting the techniques of individual exercises such as squatting, lunge, strokes, pressures and strokes. If a player learns to perform these movements correctly, then he can use them in his training practice without the risk of injury or overload.

The HDC Strength program training units are optimally preceded by a special speed-strength capabilities diagnosis that will help us determine the correct resistance and intensity of the exercise to develop the weaknesses identified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

During training sessions, the intensity is monitored by a device that optimizes the load during training, which means that the player is fully training a particular explosive force while not being overtrained or overloaded

During the training we use modern technologies:

  • Firstbeat – software for monitoring heart rate during exercise