Experience 5 days of professional training in the most modern sports center for the development of ice hockey players in the Czech Republic. Every day warm-up and work-in, training units on the ice, on the skating treadmill, in the shooting zone, in the special hockey gym and outside and the final stretch.

For the U8 and older.

Daily programs will consist of individual training units:

  • 2 training units on the ice – a thorough focus on hockey skills, power skating, puck control, shooting, dexterity exercises in speed, balance situations, game cooperation
  • training unit on a hockey skating treadmill – focused on improving skating technique
  • training unit in shooting and stickhandling zone – hand skills, individual game skills, shooting technique
  • training unit in hockey fitness gym – coordination and dexterity in speed, strengthening of the middle part of the body (core), plyometric exercises, compensatory exercises, games and game cooperation
  • professional compensation and stretching – focused on shortened and weakened muscles
  • regeneration in the swimming pool or open air bath
  • individual approach of coaches to each player
  • lunch, snacks and drinking regime
  • children are supervised throughout the camp
Enjoy a quality hockey camp in the most modern facilities of the center for the development and diagnostics of hockey players in the Czech Republic.

Why to sign up for HDC CR summer hockey camps

For hockey players, the summer season is inextricably linked to pre-season training. While the period of May and June is dedicated to team physical and fitness training, in July we focus on the development of comprehensive hockey skills for children and young people in our diagnostic and sports center HDC Czech Republic.

1.      Unique training center

HDC CR is the largest training center with modern diagnostic and training equipment. The center itself is divided into functional zones – diagnostic zone, fitness zone, shooting zone and skating zone. In addition, the center uses two ice rinks, a swimming pool, an outdoor athletic center and many other sports facilities. The center has modern training equipment and technologies: two skating simulators, Shooting Navigation (system for training and evaluating the accuracy of shooting), Peripheral Vision (system for training peripheral vision), Life Delay (shooting players with a camera system for immediate feedback), Winmill (shooting and recording simulator), 3 Vertimaxes, complete equipment of a specialized hockey gym, etc. In addition, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to test the fitness and coordination skills of players on dry, ice and skating simulators.

2.      Own hockey hall

For the period of summer camps, we have borrowed the entire winter hall and we can therefore adapt training on ice to the number of players on the camp, as well as to include individual training programs. In summer, we combine camping, individual training and pre-season preparation. The training plan of the camps contains up to 3 ice sheets per day.

3.      Skating simulators

Modern hockey requires the development of individual skills of players. These include skating technique, individual game activities (disc guidance, passing, shooting,…), peripheral vision and skating condition. At HDC CR, we develop all these activities except training on ice, especially on skating simulators. Constant correction by the coach, permanent feedback to the players with a camera system, Laser Guide, the inclination of the skating plane and more create perfect conditions for training.

4.      Shooting zone

More than 260 square meters of synthetic ice allows you to practice shooting, stickhandling, dribbling, passing and other individual activities for individuals and groups of players on skates and without them. The Shooting Navigation system (a system for training and evaluating the accuracy of shooting) and the Winmill shooting and recording machine complete the ideal training conditions.

5.      Gym

Dry training of hockey players requires an appropriate environment for training strength, strength in speed, explosiveness, acceleration and condition. Our hockey gym represents the optimal environment for such training. The force zone, the functional zone, the gas zone, the aerobic zone and the agility zone form a logical division. Two running tracks, a track for load sledges, Vertimaxes, exercise bikes, TRX suspension systems, unstable Bosu pads and many others complete the basic equipment with dumbbells, medicine balls, skipping ropes, expanders and more.

6.      Regeneration in the pool

No training program should include regeneration. HDC CR uses summer swimming pool in summer camps, which is located next to the center. Professional supervision of coaches ensures optimal regeneration and preparation for further training.

7.      Professional trainers

We emphasize expertise and experience. In addition to coaching licenses, our coaches undergo continuous training at the HDC CR. We pay attention to specializations for the all-round development of players. We have specialized trainers for fitness, skating technique, wheel guidance and shooting, game skills,

Summer camps are not only quality training, but also fun for everyone involved. Come and get to know yourself.