General terms and conditions

General Business Terms and Conditions for providing member programs, services in Příbram via portal valid from 1.June 2019.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the booking form or in the service description, all purchased services are governed by the following General Terms and Conditions:
HDC Czech Republic s.r.o., acts as a service sales agent.

Service order

Hockey simulator services can be ordered through the booking form or by phone. After sending the order form you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by email. Confirmation of accepted order will be confirmed within 24 hours at the latest. The order is binding only if the ordered service is paid within 4 working days of the day reservation. (The day of payment is the day on which the funds were included in the price of the service credited to your account)

Service provision

The service is provided on a confirmed date.

Cancellation or change of the date of the ordered service

Change of date is only possible after agreement with the provider.

Standard cancellation fees:

90% cancellation 2 days before the start

70% cancellation 10 days before the start

50% other cancellations

Rules for training on a skating simulator

(In the Winter Stadium in Příbram) Operator: HDC Czech republic, s.r.o., Na Vyhlidce 1290, 252 10 Mnisek pod Brdy, IČO: 07023171

  1. Admission to the simulator is only allowed after the fee for the selected training program has been paid in time. The place of sale of the programs is the HDC office in the winter building stadium in Pribram, web or phone ordering.
  2. It is forbidden to: a. Enter the area (even in the simulator room) of the simulator without ringing a coach; b. enter the simulator area under the influence of alcoholic beverages or others narcotic drugs; c. perform activities other than those specified by the coach.
  3. In any activity performed during the training without, but with the puck or other object, is The trainee must make sure that there is no other person in his neighborhood who could be hit by a puck or stick.
  4. Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking and other inappropriate behavior is on the premises device disabled.
  5. Each athlete must be dressed in suitable sports shoes and appropriately dressed. During exercise On the simulator, the exerciser must have his / her own protective equipment prescribed by the exercise program.
  6. The trainer is only authorized to operate the personnel of the simulator designated for this purpose.
  7. The trainer is required to familiarize himself / herself with the operating conditions before starting the program the simulator, which is written in a room with a simulator. Players up recommends thoroughly warming up before starting each training unit.
  8. The practitioner is obliged to act during the training units (and the associated time) in a manner in order:
    a. not to cause damage or endanger his safety or health;
    b. not to cause damage or endanger the safety or health of other visitors of the simulator;
    c. not to cause damage to the skaters or other equipment.
  9. In the event of a breach of these Operating Rules or generally applicable Code of Conduct is HDC Czech Republic, s.r.o. violating the person immediately bounce out of the treadmill area and b. claim compensation for damage incurred!
  10. The practitioner performs all activities on the simulator and in his immediate surroundings on his own responsibility.
  11. Only operations that do not result in damage are permitted in the premises health.
  12. All persons move on their own in the winter stadium in Příbram and the simulator responsibility.
  13. Facilities (changing rooms, showers, personal hygiene facilities) are cleaned in a manner and frequency according to the winter stadium in Příbram.
  14. Solid municipal waste generated in operation is disposed of by an authorized company provided centrally for the whole winter stadium building in Pribram.
  15. First Aid Kit is available in the skating rink area that is regularly updated and checked.
  16. There is a cloakroom allocated for the needs of HDC Czech Republic s.r.o.
  17. It is not recommended to enter the facility for persons with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or epilepsy. We recommend visiting these persons only after consulting the attending physician.
  18. Visitors are required to maintain cleanliness and order.

In Příbram, 1.June 2019