Who is the program for?

The program is intended for players mainly from the U12 category and higher in order to gain a comprehensive view of the player’s special fitness readiness; the program includes an assessment of the level of special fitness on the skatemill and on ice; at the same time, the program contains 1 to 3 training units during which the players adapt to skating on the skatemill, so that the results of the diagnostics are objective (in case the players have not yet completed the trainings on the HST)



  • 1 – 3x training on skatemill
  • 1x testing on HST
  • 1x testing on the ice
  • 1x presentation of results



Based on the evaluation, a consultation with the players will be carried out, where the players will be presented with their overall special fitness readiness and then they will be presented with the possibility of creating a training plan.