Who is the program for?

The program is designed for individuals or teams predominantly in categories U12 and above in order to gain a targeted view of specific areas of fitness readiness or a comprehensive view of the overall fitness readiness of an ice hockey player. The program may, by agreement, include individual assessments, a selection of assessments or all assessments from the following assessments: the level of general and special fitness, the level of skating technique, the level of joint mobility and stability and the level of anthropometric indicators. At the same time, the program contains 1 to 3 training units during which players adapt to skating on the skatemill, so that the results of the diagnostics are objective (in case the players have not yet completed training units on the skatemill and StridePower, PowerGate or Wingate on HST)



  • the number and focus of diagnostic inputs is determined by agreement with the player/team
  • the program is designed to obtain the required data, which we want to obtain by diagnostics, and which will help players / team to prepare a suitable training plan



Based on the evaluation, a consultation with the players will be carried out, where will be presented overall physical fitness, and then they will be presented with the possibility of cooperation in the field of improving mental readiness to perform sports performance