Who is the program for?

The program is for goalkeepers from the age of 12. It follows the goalkeeper diagnostics and focuses mainly on the development and technique of goalie skating.

Program description

  • 4x training on a skating machine (45 min)
  • 4x training in a special shooting zone using a punchometer (30 min)
  • 4x dry training – fitness-coordination exercise (20 min)
  • 4x individual video analysis
  • 1x evaluation of the results and based on them the recommendation of a suitable training program for continuation

During the training units of the HDC Goalkeeper program, the HDC Czech republic also uses unique technologies and equipment to increase the efficiency of the training process and improve the Golman technique:

  • Winmill Pukomet – the most modern Winmill pukomet
  • Laser System – a laser aid for teaching proper skating reflection and catching techniques
  • Skatemill – skating simulator