Team member

Mgr. Milan Kabát, PhD.


Milan Kabát is a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport with a specialization in Fitness Trainer (Mgr.). After completing his master’s degree, he continued his doctoral studies, where he defended his Ph.D with the thesis Sport educology.

In professional practice, he focuses mainly on the development of athletes fitness, diagnostics and training program for professional athletes. He holds certificates in the area of movement pattern development, body diagnostics and fitness development (Functional movement screen 1 + 2, Anatomy trains 1, DNS 1 + 2, Complex Core – stabilization in sport). He is also a trainer license B and HDTS Group Fusion Skating & Diagnostics. In the past, he was a fitness coach of the Slovak hockey team U18 and prepared more players who are active in the NHL and KHL, whether in the highest Slovak and Czech hockey league.

At HDC ČR he specializes in general and special diagnostics of players on ice, hockey skating treadmill and gym. He is also involved in the management and setting of training programs for the clients of the center, and is also a trainer of trainers for customer centers built abroad.