Off-season preparation 2021 15-17 years

HDC offers unique controlled environment with top notch technology and experienced coaches for off-season preparation for top players.

Based on a comprehensive player‘s diagnostic we setup individual training program to develop the player's special abilities and eliminate gaps to improve his performance. NHL, KHL and national team players references!

Program description

Comprehensive off season preparation of players takes place in 3 specific training environments under the umbrella of HDC Czech Republic: ice, dry land and hockey skating treadmill.

Players are created at least a two-week training micro-cycle, in which we individually adjust its volume as well as the intensity of the load. However, it is best to complete a 4 to 8-week mezo-cycle to achieve comprehensive seasonal player readiness. 

Under the guidance of the HDC coaching team, consisting of professional hockey, fitness and mental trainers, physiotherapists and specialists in the regeneration and player‘s health, off season preparation consists of the following areas:

  • Diagnostics
  • Training process
  • Regeneration
  • Other services

Training plan

Training process

Based on the results and interpretation of complex diagnostics, the overall readiness of the player is evaluated, formulated specific recommendations for training practice and set the individual training process for the period of off season preparation.

  • skating technique
  • individual gaming activities
  • edges work
  • game situation
  • games in a small space
  • condition skating
  • fitness-coordination abilities
  • core
  • compensatory exercises
  • correction exercises
  • strength training & weightlifting
  • technique of movement patterns
  • skating technique
  • individual game activities (shooting, pass, work with disc)
  • acceleration
  • condition
  • peripheral vision
  • athletic training
  • agility
  • speed
  • special endurance
  • massage & physiotherapy
  • swimming pool

Modern technologies

During off season training units, unique technologies and equipment are also used in HDC Czech Republic to increase the efficiency of the training process and improve the skating technique:

  • Hockey skating treadmill
  • Instructor - software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay - program and camera system providing players instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – system for improving shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – system for shooting improvement
  • Laser System - aid for teaching proper skating stride
  • Firstbeat – heart rate monitoring systém to control training intensity
  • Vertimax - resistance training tool to increase player‘s strength and stability
  • Special hockey gym


  • price 12.600,- without accomodation
  • possibility to arrange accommodation (with supervision)
  • you can participate only in individual days - price per day 2.700, - (including snacks and lunch)


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