Pre-season preparation
for top players

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for pre-season preparation for performance and top ice hockey players. Based on a comprehensive diagnosis of the player's current level of training, we build individual training micro-cycles lasting 2 to 8 weeks to develop the player's special skills and eliminate gaps in order to improve his gaming performance on ice.


Comprehensive pre-season preparation of the players takes place in 3 specific training environments covered by HDC Czech Republic: ice, dryland and skatemill.
At least two weeks of training microcycles are created for players to adjust their volume and intensity individually. However, to achieve a comprehensive player's preparedness for the season, it is optimal to complete 4-8 weekly microcycles. Under the leadership of the HDC coaching team, made up of professional hockey, fitness and mental coaches, physiotherapists and player regeneration and health professionals, the pre-season preparation consists of the following areas:


  • Blood sample collection and analysis - evaluation of the player's health status
  • Evaluation of Movement Stereotypes of FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
  • Fitness-Coordination Skills Testing (SportTesting Dryland)
  • Biomechanical video analysis of the skating technique on the skatemill
  • Wingate test on the skatemill
  • Stride Power Test on the skatemill
  • Monitoring of creatine kinase levels - player regeneration processes


  • Ice training
  • Training on the skatemill (fitness-skating training)
  • Dry preparation (development of functional, explosive and special forces)
  • Strength training in Crossfit Gym
  • Multifunctional training (agility development, speed and special endurance)
  • MMA trainings 

The microcycle training schedule will be sent to players after signing up.
During pre-season training in HDC Czech Republic, we also use unique technologies and equipment to effectively improve skating techniques:

  • Hockey skatemill HST A 230
  • Instructor - a software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay - software program and camera system for instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation - Improves shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation - Improve shooting and reflection
  • StridePower - development of special endurance and speed
  • Laser system - a tool for learning the right reflection
  • Well-equipped CrossFit zone


at least 2 weeks (possibility to extend up to 4-8 weeks)


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