The program includes:

  • 10x training on skatemill
  • 1x diagnostics of speed & power capabilities
  • Report & final evaluation

Who is the program for?

HDC Amateur Program is designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of skating, or to improve their current skating performance and individual gaming activities (shooting, passing, puck and loop). The goal of the training units, which take place on the skatemill, is to practice or refine the skating techniques, particulary push and stride of the player. The program also includes input and output video-skating comparison, which the player receives in electronic form after completing the training program.


10x training unit on skatemill
1x Biomechanical Analysis of Skating Analysis

During the HDC Amateur Program training units, HDC Czech Republic also uses unique technologies and equipment to increase the efficiency of the training process and to improve skating techniques:

  • HST skatemill A 230
  • Instructor - a software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay - software program and camera system for instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation - software to improve shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation - software to improve shooting and reflection
  • Laser system - a tool for learning the right skating stride
  • Specialized Fitness Zone


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