Who can train you?
coaches introduction

Our training hockey center offers many professional programs for which you need to have a good experience. Look who can train you.

Milan Filipi

head coach

overall development training programs diagnostics skating shooting fitness training

Champion of the Extra League for Dynamo Pardubice, numerous launches in the Czech Republic. He worked as a professional player in the Czech Republic where he played over 162 extraleague games and pushed his other hockey achievements abroad. He is a pupil of Dynamo Pardubice, later he played in České Budějovice and extraleague Kladno. He is a holder of a B coach license. In HDC Czech Republic he is an expert in diagnostics (Sport Testing, FMS), fitness training, skating analysis, training plans and skatemill skating training. For several years, he has been working as a professional coach for EUHL and has gone through all categories from recruitment to men. As a coach, he regularly ranks with the youth teams at the top of the competitions.

Martin Poustka


skating shooting fitness training

He went through a number of second-league and first-league teams, but his greatest passion is hockey training. In this he gradually began to specialize in skating techniques, where he is now one of the greatest specialists. In addition to the overall development of players, HDC ČR is in charge of perfecting skating techniques for maximum speed, strength, ability and endurance.

Věra Pihávková


compensation training contact sports coach

Fitness trainer - BOX

World champion in kickboxing with rich experience from international ring and national team, led by Pribram's Pankration gyme. For several years she worked as a top competitor in classic boxing and kickboxing and in both these disciplines she represented the Czech Republic. World Champion, European Vice-Champion, several World Cup trophies and 6-times Czech Champion. She graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague. In HDC Czech Republic she is an expert in compensation exercises, training in contact sports and versatility.

Petr Svoboda


skating fitness

He went through extraleague youth categories, then started to study at university. He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Charles University - specializing in ice hockey.
His achievements include - the double winner of the European University League. He is the champion of the Czech ice hockey academic championship in 2019. He now serves as head coach in youth categories.

Ivan Pihávek


Fitness training

Double Champion of the 1st Football League for Sparta Prague.
As a player passed football clubs: Baník Příbram, Dukla Tachov, Sparta Prague, Škoda Plzeň, Viktoria Žižkov, FC Příbram, Dukla Prague, DAC Dunajská Streda – SK. At the national level, he competed in youth categories as an athletic multiplayer. After finishing his career, he graduated from PROFI UEFA license at Palacký University in Olomouc. He worked as a professional football coach at many football clubs e.g. FK Bohemians Praha to name at least one. In the youth categories he worked as a coach of U 14 in the Táborsko.
LAG Regional football team coach
Head of sports soccer classes.
He works as a fitness trainer for top athletes - tennis, sports, triathlon, martial arts, football, hockey…
He is an expert in fitness training, compensatory excercise and versatility in HDC Czech Republic.