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players' development services

comprehensive development
players and athlets

Skating skills,
speed, acceleration

2 skatemills, video analytics, stability, power, acceleration

Hand skills
and shooting

260m2 synthetic ice FunIce, stick handling, shooting drills, peripheral vision

Complex diagnostics
and sport testing

On-icce and dryland, StridePower, Wingate, cooperation with a sports doctor


Stride length and angle, core poise, movement of upper limbs

Functional training

Workouts, plyo-excercises, dynamic and static stability, compensation excercises, stretching

Mental preparation

Individual players and teams, motivation, pre-match preparation

technology and equipment
ice hockey center


Fusion Skating Skatemill is designed to improve the individual skills of ice hockey players of all ages and performance categories.

Its role is to develop:

  • skating techniques,
  • shooting skills,
  • player's peripheral vision,
  • player's fitness-coordination skills,
  • providing a tool for professional player testing.

The fifth generation of the hockey trainer along with selected programs is exceptional with the freedom of movement of the puck, low noise and smoothness of speed and inclination.


It is a comprehensive solution for testing and evaluating the fitness and coordination skills of the tested individual. Ideal for any type of sport, it also includes a set of tests specifically designed for ice hockey players. Sport Testing includes a system of pre-prepared tests, divided into three basic groups according to the environment in which the tests are performed. You can test in the gym (on the dry), on the ice and on the hockey skater - skatemill.

Testing programs focus on:

  • coordination skills,
  • speed skills,
  • strength abilities,
  • endurance,
  • agility,
  • mental condition.

The training plan is based on comprehensive diagnostics, which the coach sets up individually for each player.


For each ice hockey player we build an individual training program based on the diagnosis of specific skills and abilities. At the same time, we build on a rich database of pre-prepared training units and units, as well as on the many years of experience of our trainers.


Shooting zone allows up to eight players to practice. Training in this zone is focused on developing accuracy, strength and shooting ability and to practice stick handling skills. Intelligent goals automatically evaluate the success of shooting, which allows the player to watch his progress while comparing with other players.


The skating and shooting zones are equipped with synthetic ice - the world's most popular solution for building an ice hockey area with unlimited use. The advantages compared to natural ice are all-year use and environmental friendliness. At the same time, synthetic ice is very close to natural ice with its surface characteristics. The total area of almost 270m² offers conditions for demanding group trainings.


Dry training is a necessary part of every ice hockey center. These purposes are provided by a specialized gym directly for the needs of ice hockey players - but not only them, focused on functional training. The main task is to give the coach the opportunity to train with an individual as well as a round training with the whole team in several functional zones:

  • cardio zone,
  • power training zone,
  • stability and stretching zones,
  • speed
  • agility and plyo zones.

Camps and pre-season preparation

We offer one-day, weekend and week camps as well as comprehensive pre-season prepartion for professional players.