Off-season preparation for players of 13 years and older

Comprehensive off season preparation focuses on reaching optimum condition and ability readiness of players for the competition season. It takes place in 4 specific training environments under the umbrella of HDC Czech republic: ice, hockey gym, shooting zone and hockey skating treadmill.

For players training in small groups, a minimum weekly training micro-cycle is created, during which we individually adjust the volume and intensity of the load. We recommend completing at least a two-week mezo-cycle. To achieve a comprehensive readiness of the player for the season, it is optimal to complete a 4-8 week mezo-cycle.

Under the guidance of the HDC coaching team, consisting of professional hockey, fitness and mental trainers, physiotherapists and specialists in the regeneration and player‘s health, off season preparation consists of the following areas:

  • Diagnostics
  • Training process
  • Regeneration
  • Other services

Entry diadnostics – plyaers 13+

At the beginning of the off-season preparation, each player goes through an initial diagnostics, which consists of two parts:

  • Diagnosis of general conditioning and coordination abilities (dryland diagnostics)
  • Biomechanical video-diagnostics of skating technique

Entry diagnostics is key to determining the specific limits of each player and is the starting source for the correct setting of the content and intensity of individual training units.

Entry diagnostics – players 15+

For players over the age of 15, we also evaluate the maximum training efficiency, determine the optimal load in the training of explosiveness of the upper and lower limbs. These identified parameters are key to setting the right load for each individual player for optimal explosiveness training.

Sportovní diagnostika, testování    Sportovní diagnostika, výbušnost 

Based on the results and interpretation of complex diagnostics, the overall readiness of the player is then evaluated, specific recommendations for training practice are formulated and an individual training process is set for the period of off-season preparation. Each player will receive the results of their diagnostics with interpretations and recommendations.

Training plan

The training plan will be specified later

  • skating technique – dexterity, speed, acceleration, edges work
  • individual gaming activities defensive and offensive – stickhandling, passing and pass receiving, shooting
  • correct timing
  • game situations and combinations – 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3
  • small area game
  • condition skating

  • reaction ability, speed, strength, agility
  • condition-coordination abilities
  • core strengthening
  • compensation exercises
  • correction exercises
  • movement pattern technique
  • athletic preparation
  • agility
  • speed
  • special endurance

  • skating technique
  • individual game activities (shooting, passing, stickhandling)
  • acceleration
  • condition
  • peripheral vision


We set individual loads for each player using FirstBeat sport testers. According to this, we can see in which load zone the player is located. The trainer monitors live data on the load and intensity of the training and sets the individual intensity accordingly. Thus, each training achieves the set physiological goals. Both the coach and the player receive automatic feedback immediately after the end of the training unit.

  • stretching
  • compensation exercises
  • swimming pool / joga

We pay attention to the correct and sufficient supply of nutrients (snacks, fruit, protein) throughout the pre-season preparation. Players also have ion drinks at their disposal for sufficient hydration of the body during demanding training.


In order for players to be able to fully concentrate on demanding training, we provide a number of additional services:

  • transport & transfer
  • grinding skates
  • laundry
  • leisure program (parents, partners)
  • … whatever you need


During off season training units, unique technologies and equipment are also used in HDC Czech Republic to increase the efficiency of the training process and improve the skating technique:

  • Hockey skating treadmill
  • Instructor – software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay – program and camera system providing players instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – system for improving shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – system for shooting improvement
  • Laser System – aid for teaching proper skating strideFirstbeat – heart rate monitoring systém to control training intensity
  • Vertimax – resistance training tool to increase player‘s strength and stability
  • Special hockey gym


  • price 11.900,- without accomodation, 14.940,- with accomodation
  • second week 10% discount
  • sibling 10% discount
  • possibility to arrange accommodation (with supervision)
  • you can participate only in individual days – price per day 2.700, – (including snacks and lunch)